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Winterhaven Vineyard was established in the spring of 2000. The vineyard currently covers over 14 acres with over 6000 vines, and growing. We have 17 different varieties at this time and adding more every year. We are focusing on the newest cold hardy varieties.


Winterhaven Nursery was established a year later during 2001. For two years we grew our nursery plants indoors. These plants were potted, live growing plants. In the spring of 2003, we started growing our nursery stock outdoors in nursery beds. We now sell many bare-root grape vines. We are also putting up a greenhouse so we can supply new varieties sooner as potted plants.


Winterhaven Vineyard and Nursery      18103-628th Ave. Janesville, MN 56048 Home #: 507-234-5469 Cell #: 507-317-7914 Contact Email.
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