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NEW!! ITASCA (U of MN)- With lower acidity and higher sugar levels, Itasca produces a wine that is light yellow to straw in color and has aromas of pear, quince, violet, melon, minerals, and subtle honey notes. 
Royalty - $1.00 



LA CRESCENT - (U. of MN) Makes a wonderful white wine with an apricot-pineapple flavor. The fruit turns a beautiful golden brown when fully ripe. The vine is a vigorous grower with a very attractive dark green foliage. You must have a good spray program to manage downy mildew. This wine has unlimited marketabilities.
Royalty $.50 each

FRONTENAC GRIS - (U. of MN) This is a mutation of Frontenac. Excellent winter hardiness and vigor. The fruit is a light lavender-bronze color. All plant characteristics are the same as Frontenac. When pressed without a skin time the juice is a cherry pink. This wine has a more complex taste structure with strawberry-apricot tones. This wine is a nice amber-gold color with fresh fruit aromas. There are many ways to use this grape in your winery.
Royalty $.50 each



PRAIRIE STAR - (E.S.) Very good winter hardiness. This grape has good vigor, but it tends to start out slow the first year or two. Then it comes on strong. This grape makes a more neutral wine, has good body, and is often used in blending. Very nicely clustered berries.
No Royalty

Brianna - (E.S.) This grape has good vigor. We are still testing to see how far north it will go. At this point it seems to be hardy up to the Twin Cities metro area. This grape makes a very nice semi-sweet table wine with a honey-apricot-peach taste. A very, very nice fruity nose. This wine has a lot of marketing opportunities.
No Royalty

NEW - Frontenac Blanc
Call for details.

PETITE AMIE - (Dave McGregor) This grape has nice size clusters. It was developed in Central Minnesota so the winter hardiness is good. It has slow plant vigor. The wine has a very nice floral nose to it.
Royalty $.40 each

ST. PEPIN - (Elmer Swenson) St. Pepin has a very fruity flavor. It makes a nice white wine or ice wine.
No Royalty

EDELWEISS - Edelweiss is very popular in the Midwest.
No Royalty

LOUISE SWENSON - (E.S.) In five years of trials, the wine has been outstanding for its quality and consistency. The wine is without any negative hybrid characteristics, and has a typical delicate aroma of flowers and honey. This wine is rather light in body. Blending with a variety such as Prairie Star makes it a more complete wine. Louise Swenson rarely exceeds 20 Brix. Observed all over Minnesota, this variety has shown no winter injury even in the most severe (-40 degree) winters.      No Royalty


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