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FRONTENAC - (U. of MN) Excellent winter hardiness and vigor. This grape will make some very nice, full body wines; it also makes a semi-sweet darker rose that is very well received. Cherry seems to be the dominant flavor. I have also had some wonderful port style wine made from the Frontenac. There are many options with this grape.
Royalty $.25 each

SABREVOIS - (E.S.) This is a sister grape to St. Croix. It's a vigorous vine, more cold hardy than St. Croix. Good disease resistance. Very popular in Quebec where it was named. Winemakers in the U.S. are just starting to realize how to use this grape to get the best wine.                   No Royalty



ST. CROIX (E.S.) This grape has good winter hardiness and vigor. Medium size berries with low acid. The vine is vigorous, but to get good production you need to leave enough buds. It makes a nice wine on its own, but can be used for blending.
No Royalty



MARQUETTE - (U of MN) Marquette is a promising new red wine variety from the U of M that combines high levels of cold hardiness and disease resistance with excellent wine quality. Marquette has withstood temperatures as low as -36 degrees F without serious injury. Resistance to common grape diseases (downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot), has been excellent and the vine requires only a minimal spray program. The open and orderly growth habit of Marquette is considered highly desirable. Yields have averaged 5.46 Kg/vine or 3.6 tons/acre. Tasters have noted an attractive deep red color, desirable aromas of cherry, black pepper, spice, and berry, and substantial tannin structure rarely found in hybrid wines.

Royalty $.50                

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